OurMine is Here: Reverse the OurMine Youtube Hack

So I found out that many of my favorite YouTubers were hacked by a group called OurMine [ourmine.org] which has affected thousands of videos and changed titles and descriptions. OurMine hacking group has caused these guys so much time and money to correct these and has also screwed every affected videos YouTube ranking.

The stupidest thing that they did was leave all their contact information hoping that someone will hire them as a security consult.

The OurMine hacking group needs to be held accountable because they caused a great amount of rife for the networks they hacked and the YouTubers that may have lost revenue as a result.

But that’s for a separate discussion.

I spent my entire Sunday working on a tool to possible correct this issue relatively quickly with the use of Google’s API. The YourMineApp is completely safe and doesn’t save any credentials from its user, doesn’t save any data that can be hacked.

Pretty much everything stays in your Chrome or Firefox browser. And when you leave the site, YourMineApp forgets you and all your data.

Basically you are going to need to create a CSV with all the data and upload it to the tool to update your videos back to normal. The app that I made loops through the CSV and updates each video one by one.

Here is a video I made that demonstrates how to fix the OurMines hack.

I hope this helps out those that were affected by this hacking group. I hope that the networks such as Omnia Media fix their systems and make them more secure as a result of this.

Thank you guys for all your support and I’ll see you in the next video.